The Story

Opal on 6th with text.png

Opal arrives in Austin, Texas for an exciting weekend in a new city, invited by a guy she met at a party at home in San Francisco. They’ve been talking and FaceTiming for months and she’s excited to get to know him better.

Until...he cancels on her shortly after she lands.

On top of being stood up, in an unfamiliar city, and not knowing anyone else, the Airbnb she’s staying in belongs to a real creep who won’t stay out of her space. But thanks to an encouraging skype call from a friend and sheer determination to get out of the creep’s house, Opal sets out for a night of drunken antics downtown.

The morning after, she finds herself hungover in her rideshare driver’s bedroom. While trying to make her escape, she meets the driver’s roommate, Wyatt; part-time weed delivery guy, full-time assistant to a yuppie tech bro. Things take a turn in Opal’s favor when Wyatt is sympathetic and offers to show her around town on his delivery route.

From there, Opal and Wyatt set out for a day in Austin she’ll never forget (no matter how hard she may try).